Artëm exhaustively BEACH GREEN DUNES
Rockaway, NY

Beach Green Dunes, a 101-unit building under construction, will be certified by the Passive House Institute of US (PHIUS) and is a part of a two phase development in the Rockaways. Co-developed in conjunction with Triangle Equities, occupancy is expected to take place during the spring of 2017.

The project will incorporate many innovative features to get it to achieve record breaking low energy and water consumption levels including: the use of insulated concrete forms, energy recovery ventilation throughout, variable refrigerant flow central air source heat pumps to provide both heating and cooling, a large rooftop solar photovoltaic system for renewable on-site electricity production, and a natural gas fired cogeneration system that will produce electricity, all of the building’s hot water needs, and will serve as a back-up emergency generator to supply power to many life/safety systems in the building in the event of a future grid power outage.

Unique use of bio-swales, hydric habitat plantings, and pervious asphalt paving will not only help to achieve full storm water retention on site, but will also help serve the surrounding area by not adding to flows in the central sanitary/storm systems.

Various features/amenities have been designed into the building that will not only provide for greater comfort for all of the occupants, but also provides for an enhanced level of survivability in the event a future catastrophic storm such as “Sandy” hits the peninsula again.

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Beach Green Dunes